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High quality state-of-the-art techniques  in infertility cure is our pride.

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Homeopathy is the safest method of treatment which we use at Afshan Medical Centre with safety and care.

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Dr. Afshan Khan has more than 20 years of experience to cure various kinds and causes of infertility.

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Meeting the challenge of curing infertility for twenty years

Approximately 22% married couple are facing the problem of infertility in Pakistan.  Infertility is not only a medical but social issue of grave intensity in a conservative society like ours. Even a good number of women are divorced for being unable to give birth to a child. In most of the cases infertility is curable but due to widely prevalent unawareness people do not go for roper treatment. Infertility can not only been in women but men also. Homeopathy treatment is a natural and safe method of treatment free of fatal side effects of medicines. Dr. Afshan Khan at Afshan Medical Centre (AMC) provides the ultimate natural solutions for all types of infertility.   AMC is the place turning your dream of being parent into reality.

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Dr. Afshan

Dr. Afshan Khan is a highly qualified and prominent Infertility Specialist who has her expertise in Homeopathy with specialization in fertility. Dr. Afshan has been practicing at Afshan Medical Centre (AMC) for last 20 years and so far, she has treated a large number of infertility-prone cases with her special treatment consisting of different time spans. Dr. Afshan deals with the treatment of all infertility diseases of both the males and females at Afshan Medical Center.

What makes Afshan Medical Centre unique is the overwhelming success ratio and the response of those who visit Dr. Afshan Khan. Patients express their delight for the counselling and other suggestions for leading a healthy and happier life, which they receive at Dr. Afshan Medical Centre (AMC). If you also desire to have a child or to choose the gender of your baby, contact Dr. Afshan Khan for thorough guideline and counselling.

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Our specialized fertility services

For last 20 years we at Afshan Medical Centre have been providing best services to cure infertility in females and males with high professional ethics and excellence.

Gender Selection

To choose the sex or gender of your baby through a medical technique and specified medicines used by doctors. For the service contact Afshan Medical Centre.

Fallopian Tube Blockage

The tubes where sperm meets egg and fertilization takes place are called fallopian tubes. The fertilized ovum moves to uterus and implants and grows

It is possible to get pregnant If one fallopian tube is blocked because the other one can perform its function. But if both the tubes are blocked the natural process of pregnancy cannot be possible unless one or both tubes are cleared. For the service contact Afshan Medical Centre.

Ovarian Cyst

The fluid-filled pockets developed in ovary or its surface is called Ovarian Cyst or Poly-Cyst. Ova (Eggs) developed and matured in the ovaries and are released monthly menstrual periods during childbearing years. Some of the ovarian cyst removed without treatments within some weeks but those got ruptured can cause serious symptoms.

For the service contact Afshan Medical Centre.

Vaginal Infections

The most common cause of infertility across the world is the vaginal infection. These infections affect Fallopian Tubes and other urogenital sites in both male and female.

For the service contact Afshan Medical Centre.


The abnormal growth in or around the women’ uterus is called Fibroids. These Fibroids interfere with conception and pregnancy so a cause of infertility.

For the service contact Afshan Medical Centre.

Irregular Periods

Irregularities in menstrual periods are another cause of infertility. If the periods are missing or irregular for a longer span of time it can cause infertility.

For the service contact Afshan Medical Centre.


The absence of sperm in the ejaculate is called Azoospermia. It’s a male disease and can be treated through medication.

For the service contact Afshan Medical Centre.

For the service contact Afshan Medical Centre.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

After recovering from Cancer, life again looked beautiful to me. However, after some time to my marriage, I realized that I was suffering was asperma. It was a horrible moment, as there seemed no hope of me becoming a father. Someone then referred me to Afshan Medical Centre where I had a detailed discussion with Dr. Afshan Khan related to my problem and medical history. After treatment from AMC, I feel lucky to have a blessing of a child.

Musa Khan

I had four beautiful daughters only. My husband and I wanted to have a complete family and we wanted a son too. We came at Afshan Medical Centre and had a Male Baby Course. Today, we feel so lucky and blessed to have a son. We can’t thank Dr. Afshan Khan enough for making our dream come true.

Mrs. Azmat Hussain

Having a baby was becoming a lifelong dream for us and the thought of not having the baby was devastating. We came across Afshan Medical Centre and as our treatment progressed, we knew that Dr. Afshan is now our first choice for her unique treatment approaches for our fertility problems. Today we are blessed with a child and Dr. Afshan holds a special place in our hearts.

Umair Akbar


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