Infertility is approximately 22% in Pakistan today.

Infertility is approximately 22% in Pakistan today. It is not just a medical disorder but a social problem as well due to cultural pressures and family traditions. There is no couple that does not want to become parents but what to do if it is cursed with infertility? It is extremely important for people to have adequate knowledge about infertility and the illness related to it so that they can get a medical treatment on time and be blessed with a child.

Infertility is a reproductive disease that hits men and women at equal frequency. A couple is considered to be clinically infertile if the conception of a baby does not occur in at least twelve months of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. However it is curable if detected on time.

There are several medical methods and treatments to cure infertility related problems but the most prevailing treatment today is in homeopathy. It is highly recommended because it not only involves oral medications but also saves one from getting surgeries and expensive medical procedures.

Dr. Afshan states that within a few months of her homeopathic treatment, a couple can be blessed with as many children as they want. Not only this, but the desire of having a baby boy can also be fulfilled by taking her special homeopathic medications. Isn’t this super amazing!

Afshan medical centre is located in Satellite town, Rawalpindi. It is a well renowned medical clinic that has been serving its patients for years with a success rate that touches uptown 80%. It works on different homeopathic treatments that not only eradicate infertility and the related diseases but also the other reproductive illness that hits the reproductive cycles of both men and women.

Men and women are equally affected with such problems and it is really important for the victims to know their health status. In our society, it is believed that women are to be blamed and they are the only reason why the couple is not being blessed with a child but in fact, the unfortunate fact needs to be accepted that men, too, can be the reason. However, there is no need of hopelessness! Homeopathy allows both men and women to be treated and cured within no time. As the God Almighty does not let anyone into despair:

“ We cause whom We will to rest in the womb for an appointed term” (22:5)

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